Rent - Management

We put all our care into making life easier for our landlords and our tenants

Why rent with AVA Immobilier?
AVA Immobilier is always available to meet your expectations
AVA Immobilier handles all legal formalities
AVA Immobilier guarantees unpaid rent and charges

Why trust AVA Immobilier?
AVA Immobilier is a real estate specialist established in the region since the 1970s, currently with over 150 rental properties under our management. We put our knowledge, experience, skills and our expertise at your service.

Who are we?
AVA Immobilier has three local agencies :
NAVARRENX - 6 Place des Casernes 64190.
MAULEON - 2 Rue J.B Heugas 64130.
OLORON-SAINTE-MARIE - 3 Rue Louis Barthou 64400.
We have dynamic, attentive and professional agents in these sectors who are ready to welcome you.

Two distinct services that we offer according to your needs:

Basic Rental Service:

  • – Advertisement of your property for rentr
  • – Presentation of your property in our agencies and for viewings
  • – Drafting the lease
  • – Drafting the inventory
  • – Verification of tennants rental insurance
  • – Collection of security deposit
  • – Inventory at the end of the lease

Rental Service Management:

All the benefits of our Basic Rental Service plus additional guarantees for landlords, including:

  • – Guarantee covering rents and unpaid charges, as well as real estate deteriorations
  • – Collection of rent with electronic transfer direct to the landlord's account
  • – Annual increase in rent according to the representative rent index
  • – Management of charges and fees for utilities for both landlord and tenant
  • - Management of any issues in relation to the maintenance of the property
  • – Declaration of any loss or damage, management and overseeing repair work undertaken
  • – Annual verification that the tenant has the required insurance cover
  • – Organisation of relevant certificates of conformity (chimney sweeping/boiler maintenance)
  • – Renewal of lease, management of right to buy
  • – Assistance in establishing social records (CAF or MSA)
  • – Help in preparing "tax returns"